• Farm Planning and Decision Support

    In the commodity business there isn’t much you can do to control the price you have to sell at which only leaves one choice, lowering your operational expenses. That is what we at CropZilla specialize in. We use telematics to gather data directly form your machines and combine it with our algorithms to give you […]

  • Manure Application

    Liquid Manure pumping and Solid manure Spreading. Drag Hose Application. Knight Side Slingers. Type 4 Bio Solids Spreading.

  • Chicken Litter Services

    Chicken Litter is a great source of NPK along with sulfur and many other benefits. It is a smart and economic way to build up your micro nutrients and microbes in the soil. Our staff is all CLM and CCA certified with 35+ years of experience to help guide you in the right direction. We […]

  • Farm Management Software

    Harvest Profit’s mission is to help you make more profitable farm business decisions by making it easier to track your numbers. We give you the ability to track field-level profitability, grain contracts, input expenses, input applications, and much more (PDF reports for all of these sections are available). You can also build grain marketing plans […]

  • Custom Strip-Till and Independent Soil Testing

    Strip-Till combines the advantages of conventional tillage and no-till. Soil tests determine the optimum rate of fertilizer to be the most productive.   Using GPS we offer a custom experience tailored to each producer and each farm.


  • Rupp Seed Sales and Service

    Rupp Seeds is a regional independent seed company and has been providing hybrid corn seed, soybeans, wheat and oats to farmers since our beginning in 1946. We are pursuing new opportunities and continue to invest a great deal of effort in evaluating new genetics to identify those with high yield potential that also possess good plant health and […]


  • Certified A.I Tech

    As a certified AI technician in Northeastern Colorado I am able to help you with everything from picking the right synchronization protocol for your herd, applying that program, selecting semen, to breeding cows and heifers.